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Liz Bohannon

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sseko Designs

Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs, a socially-conscious fashion brand that works to create leadership and educational opportunities for women across the globe. She believes that business is a powerful platform for social change and that girls are our future. She was named by Bloomberg Businessweek as a top social entrepreneur and by Forbes as a top 20 speaker. In her book, Beginner’s Pluck, releasing at the Summit, Bohannon uses her journey to explore 14 principles for not finding, but building a life of purpose, passion and impact.

Liz Bohannon is co-founder and CEO of a socially conscious fashion brand, Sseko Designs. In her talk, Liz shares how a small start can lead to a big dream. Coining the phrase and authoring her book, Beginner’s Pluck, Liz debunks some of the myths about beginner’s luck, and how thinking like a beginner might be one of the best advantages of leadership.

Evolve to the Next Level
Liz tells us that as her company was needing to grow, she was needing to make significant changes to evolve her leadership and business. Take a brief inventory to determine what mentalities, model changes, hires, or infrastructure needs would help evolve your leadership, team, or organization to the next level.

Identify how to take one step toward executing one of those ideas today, i.e. set up a meeting, make a call, etc.

The Learning Cycle
Liz shares the four stages of learning: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, unconscious competence. She goes on to describe how these stages should not be seen as a linear path that you reach the end of, rather it’s cyclical—that you are always starting again.


  • When it comes to your current leadership, with which stage of the learning cycle do you most identify?

  • What areas of conscious incompetence (being aware of what you don’t know) are you currently experiencing?

  • Where could you intentionally throw yourself into the stage of conscious incompetence so that you can enter the “Magical Land of Beginners”?

Dream Small
What big dream is within you that gives you a sense of having a particular role to play in this world?

What actual expression of this big dream are you currently engaged in?

What single, small expression of the big dream can you begin, or continue, that will move you from simply a dreamer to a doer of your dream?

Don’t be the Hero
In what ways can you leverage your current leadership to help others achieve their dreams? Who is one person you can support in order to help their small dream reach its potential?


Put your big dream in motion, or move it a little farther, by naming the ONE small expression of your dream that you will focus on this year.

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